About us

The Quaich's dynamic, highly educated, multidisciplinary team is complemented by a network of local, national and international associates.

What we do

The Quaich is a well-respected, internationally recognized health promotion consulting company. The Quaich is known for its ability to add value to client organizations by optimizing knowledge and resources amongst stakeholders and increasing client capacity to promote healthier, safer communities.
A Quaich ("qwake") is a Scottish Gaelic word for cup, a century old symbol of friendship and community which represents the spirit of the company.

Patsy Beattie-Huggan (BN, MSc, RN)
President, Principal Consultant

Patsy Beattie-Huggan is the founder and President of The Quaich Inc. She has served as consultant to many national and international projects. Her creative work in health promotion, such as leadership to the development of the Circle of Health© has been widely recognized. Patsy holds a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of New Brunswick and a MSc in Nursing and Health Studies from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She brings exceptional skills, enthusiasm and creative problem-solving to all that she does. You will find more information about Patsy on LinkedIn.

E-Mail: patsy@thequaich.pe.ca

Kirsten McKnight (BA, LLB)
Consultant, Community Manager

Kirsten McKnight brings her technical expertise, research and writing skills to The Quaich Inc. as a consultant. She is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Law, and served as a member of the National Research Council of Canada’s Privacy, Security and Trust Team. Kirsten’s work at The Quaich has focused on women’s cancers, partnership development, event planning and marketing for various events, including the Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities.

E-Mail: kirsten@thequaich.pe.ca

Mizuho Miller (BComm)
Project Manager

Mizuho Miller holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a specialization in Accounting and Management from Mount Allison University in New Brunswick. Mizuho’s main role is to manage the projects of The Quaich and optimize internal processes. Mizuho has a thorough understanding of both Japanese and Canadian culture, which enhances the ability of The Quaich Inc. to promote healthy communities in a variety of contexts.

E-Mail: mizuho@thequaich.pe.ca

Nikki MacKinnon

Nikki MacKinnon has over 10 years of experience working as an accounting technician, financial analyst and office manager for PEI companies. She brings skills in organization, administrative support and excellent computer skills to her position as The Quaich's bookkeeper.

E-Mail: nikki@thequaich.pe.ca

Judy McKnight (Early Childhood Education)
Office Management & Special Events

Judy McKnight provides special event and office management support and brings skills in organization, logistics and planning. With a background as a teacher and early childhood educator, Judy also assists with product development for educators and facilitators.

E-Mail: judy@thequaich.pe.ca