October 2017

Online workshops for the Asia-Pacific region

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First time offering in the Asia Pacific Region!

Experience the Circle of Health: Transforming approaches to collaboration

Get to know the Circle of Health, an innovative tool that enhances collaboration across sectors!

"An opportunity to brainstorm, get deeper into issues, get new perspectives, challenge thinking."

November 6 - 20, 2017
10:00 – 11:30am Japan time (Tokyo JST)

*** While setting the time for the online workshops as 10am Japan time, the timing should work for folks on the Pacific Coast of the Americas as well! Just remember the time on this side of the Pacific means the workshops are offered in the evening a day ahead. More detailed information for those who are interested will be posted shortly! ***

#1  Covering the Basics: The Circle of Health & E-learning
#2  Developing Partnerships,
#3  Collaborative Value-Based Planning,
#4  Sharing Information with Others,
#5  Facilitating Discussions,

This 5-part online professional development course will enhance your skills in partnership development, collaborative planning, knowledge exchange and facilitation. Throughout these interactive workshops, you will engage in dialogue with other participants, and learn from each other – as well as the facilitator. The Circle of Health serves as the framework for discussion, and integrates principles of health promotion, the Ottawa Charter, the social determinants of health, and the Aboriginal Medicine Wheel.


In a recent evaluation of the workshops, participants reported the following results:

• Increased abilities in planning to deal with complex issues
• Specific partnership development skills and tools
• Knowledge about team building with a shared framework and language
• Understanding of varied learning styles and the best ways to engage others
• Enhanced facilitation skills and an opportunity to facilitate a group online
• A network of online connections


Individual workshops:  $65 CAD per session

Full series:

$299 CAD for one person
$249 CAD per person when 2 register
Series discounts are available for groups of 3 or more

"Organized, helpful sessions. Accessible due to webinar format. Complemented with comprehensive, well-formatted materials. Personalized."

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