September 2008

Circle of Health and Summer Institute in Brazil

Malcolm Shookner and Patsy Beattie-Huggan have been invited to participate in a series of workshops this week in Gioinia and Perinapolis, Brazil. They will be featuring health promotion resources developed in Atlantic Canada - the Circle of Health, the Inclusion Lens, and curriculum of the Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities - and work with project teams to develop indicators for evaluation of work to improve health and social equity in Brazil. In preparation for the visit, the Circle of Health and other materials have been translated into Portuguese. Simultaneous translation will be provided during the workshops.

The visit is sponsored by the Canadian Public Health Association and Canadian International Development Agency. The purpose is to build relationships for ongoing knowledge exchange of health promotion, intersectoral collaboration, and local development actions in Canada through exchanges, training, materials preparation, publications and networking.


The Quaich Inc. is the Canadian distributor of the Circle of Health, and coordinates the Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities.

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