June 2020

Panel presentation for European Union

Patsy Beattie-Huggan, President of The Quaich Inc., has been enthusiastically sharing the Circle of Health around the world since its creation in 1996. She is excited to be participating in another international event, presenting at the EU Info Day of the Mig-HealthCare project on Tuesday, June 23rd 2020.

The Mig-HealthCare project was a three year project that aimed to improve health care access for vulnerable migrants and refugees, support their inclusion and participation in European communities and reduce health inequalities. The EU Info Day is an online event  presenting research findings and educational tools that were used to achieve the project’s goals. 

Patsy will share her experience of coaching facilitators to apply the Circle of Health in a pilot program of the Mig-HealthCare project in Berlin, Germany.  The pilot’s goal was to create shared knowledge and understanding regarding health promotion among health care professionals and members of the migrant community and to thereby stimulate holistic and community-oriented approaches to Health Promotion. Patsy will be presenting with David Brinkmann from the Ethnomedical Center in Germany. Their presentation is titled, Piloting of the Mig-HealthCare roadmap and toolbox in the consortium countries: Pilot in Germany. For more information, visit www.mighealthcare.eu.


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