September 2011

Symposium on Gender and Community Leadership

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The Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities (ASI) used a new format for its programming this summer - a bilingual Symposium on Gender and Community Leadership, held on August 17-18, 2011 in Charlottetown. This event was possible with the generous funding support of Status of Women Canada and many partners, and attracted approximately 90 partiaipants from across the region.

The ASI uses the Circle of Health as its planning framework and the foundation of its curriculum stream. The Circle of Health helps participants to make links between crime prevention, social and economic development and health and safety promotion and brings together; community groups, researchers, practitioners, educators, police and government representatives - all the many people and sectors that are working toward creating safer and healthier communities in Atlantic Canada.

With the current focus on community leadership, 2011 ASI programs include:

- Spring: Foundation for Working Together workshop series (Regional delivery)
- Summer: Community Leadership Symposium (PEI)
- Fall: Leadership Development workshop series (Regional delivery)
- Winter: Team Planning for Active Communities webinar series (Webinar delivery)

The full Summer Institute program will resume in August 2012 with a focus on engaging women and youth in leading active communities.

For more information about the Atlantic Summer Institute, visit their blog.

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