October 2007

Presentation at National Breast Cancer Conference

Patsy Beattie-Huggan, President of The Quaich Inc., Charlottetown, has been invited to present at the National Conference for Young Women with Breast Cancer in Toronto, Ontario on November 2-4, 2007. The Canadian Breast Cancer Network and Rethink! Breast Cancer have joined together to provide a forum to inspire and empower young women with breast cancer.

President of her own successful health promotion company, Ms. Beattie-Huggan will be sharing her expertise and holistic approach to health, as well as her own inspiring life-story with these young women in Toronto.

As a breast cancer survivor, Patsy started her own business. “I had a vision,” recalls Ms. Beattie-Huggan, “and with a lot of support, hard work and my strong beliefs, I am living that dream.” The Quaich Inc. has grown both nationally and internationally and is staffed by a team of energetic and dynamic women.

Ms. Beattie-Huggan will share her own healing journey, experiences and knowledge of the health field in her presentation “Grieving Loss, Celebrating Life” at the National Breast Cancer Conference for Young Women in Toronto.

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