September 2007

Successful 4th Atlantic Summer Institute

This year’s Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities, held at the University of Prince Edward Island, was a huge success! Some key highlights of ASI 2007 were:

Bilingual Program
Our efforts to make this a truly bilingual event began with an entertaining theatre piece presentation by XO Squad. This created an awareness of the strength of having both official languages represented at learning events such as the ASI.

The ASI’s three Curriculum Streams were well received. The streams (Foundations: Concepts and Theories, Concepts and Theories Integration, and Leadership) were coordinated by Julie Devon Dodd and Anne McMurray.

More involvement from Aboriginal Peoples
We received very positive feedback on the keynote address. In their presentation, James and Leona Makokis spoke from their hearts about the past, present and future of the aboriginal population; health and safety issues, and lessons that can be learned from aboriginals.

The Children’s Program had its highest numbers ever!
Judy McKnight and her team of Early Childhood Educators created an amazing series of events for the ever-increasing number of children participating in the ASI Children’s Program – 37 in total! The children's activities included education sessions, physical activities, healthy food, and field trips which reflected the ASI's intergenerational theme.

We strived to keep the energy high at the Institute, and featured performances by Lone Wolf Singers, GAIA group of PEI, The New Boomers from Halifax, Boys in the Kitchen, and the Charlottetown Jazz Ensemble.

A word from one of our own!
The Quaich Inc.’s research consultant, Annette A. Penney, used her Newfoundland humour to turn her research paper on cross cultural knowledge translation and exchange into an entertaining presentation with cartoons! Annette had the audience laughing in their seats!

Sneak Peak for next year…
Start planning your trip to next year’s Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities! Literacy has been chosen as the theme for ASI 2008.

For recaps, photos and presentations from ASI 2007, and information about ASI 2008, please visit

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