June 2010

Showcase at CPHA Conference

Showcase Opportunity at Canadian Public Health Association Centennial Conference

Patsy Beattie-Huggan from The Quaich Inc. will be presenting at the Canadian Public Health Association Centennial Conference being held in Toronto June 13-16, 2010. Patsy's presentation Translating the Circle of Health© for the 2009 Serbian Summer School will examine the use of Canadian-based health promotion technologies to enhance global health learning on social justice and determinants of health.

The Circle of Health© is an integrated health promotion framework and tool used to guide practice, education, research and policy development across sectors and cultures. Developed in Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada the tool emphasizes values and integrates the aboriginal medicine wheel, the Ottawa Charter, determinants of health, and social theory.

In June 2008, members of the Public Health Association of Serbia (PHAS) expressed interest in using the Circle of Health in a health promotion summer school entitled The Circle of Health: Understanding the Determinants of Health. The process of translating the tool into Serbian and adapting for learning in Serbian culture began. In June 2009, PHAS, in collaboration with the Canadian Public Health Association, conducted the Summer School. Subsequently two attendees traveled to PEI for training as facilitators. The Circle of Health has been subsequently used as a teaching tool by members of PHAS.

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