September 2012

ASI 2012 was a success!

The 7th Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy & Safe Communities was a success!

Held from August 21-24 in Charlottetown, PEI, participants engaged in curriculum programs to explore what it means to be active and lead active communities in Atlantic Canada. The ASI brought together people engaged in education, social development, justice, crime, disease and injury prevention, and health promotion in the Region.

This year’s motivational theme was "Inspiration to Action: Leadership for Active Communities", and the Circle of Health was used as the Institute's framework.

Program Highlights included:

1. Gender and Community Leadership
2. Young Women and Community Leadership
3. Building and Using Evidence for program and policy
4. Strengthening Community Action

The closing ceremony included a moving presentation by the young women involved in the first ASI Young Women and Community Leadership program, who created a "zine" to creatively showcase their thoughts and feelings about leadership. In addition, the Children's Program kids performed a song for the adult participants, and participants were informed that a documentary about the ASI would be created by filmmaker Eliza Knockwood.

Social media was used to communicate with and among ASI participants during the 3.5 days, and at the closing ceremony, a new bilingual ASI website was launched. Stay tuned for updates at:

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