September 2013

New dates announced! COH Online Workshop Series

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We have just announced another round of dates for our online workshop series using the Circle of Health!

Looking for a continuing education opportunity where travel is not a barrier? Join our five-week online workshop series to see how the Circle of Health can help to meet your needs and expand your knowledge!  Workshops will be held weekly from October 24th to November 28th, 2013. (No workshop on October 31st)

What is the Circle of Health? How can these workshops help me?

The Circle of Health is an interactive health promotion framework and tool that provides a complete picture of the components of health at a glance.

Appealing to academics, community members, businesses, policy makers and others who are working with individuals, families and communities to promote health and well being, the Circle of Health is an exemplary tool for education, planning, collaboration and evaluation.

By incorporating the components of health promotion planning – Needs, Strategies, Populations, Determinants and Values – and the interactions between them, the Circle of Health can help you understand health as a dynamic process which involves many people and strategies. It enables users to establish effective programs and relationships by locating links, relationships and contributions that may not otherwise be considered.

The concepts of the Circle of Health are widely accepted globally as well as being simple and profound. It was constructed using the theoretical frameworks of the determinants of health, the Ottawa Charter, and the First Nations Medicine Wheel; it is adaptable to different cultures and locations. The Circle of Health can be understood by diverse populations and people at various reading levels using a common language.

The Quaich is pleased to offer a 5 part workshop series on using the Circle of Health in a variety of contexts, from education, to planning, to partnership development. Within the interactive, online format of the workshop, participants will gain a complete understanding of the Circle and how it can help them in their workplace and community.

''This type of training is excellent for it saves time in travel. You are able to access it at your desk with tools we already have such as the computer and telephone. It is very interactive and it has the feel of a face to face classroom where you can raise your hand and also ask questions and receive answers in a timely manner.''

Participants will use the Circle during the workshops to move from a conceptual understanding to actual application of the framework in case studies and intersectoral contexts. The Circle of Health is available in French and English, and has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Serbian. It has been successfully used as a teaching tool with aboriginal populations, and in over 20 different countries.

''An opportunity to brainstorm, get deeper into issues, get new perspectives, challenge thinking.''


The online workshops will be presented through an online conferencing system, with an online presentation and teleconference. Instructions will be sent in advance so that you have all the information you need to participate.

Purchased individually, each 1.5 hour workshop is $50 per person, but registration for the entire 5-part series can be purchased at a special price of $200 CAD. Copies of the Circle of Health for use in these workshops can be purchased at a discounted rate of $20 plus shipping. REGISTER HERE.

#1 - Understanding the Circle of Health: Components and Theories
Thursday, October 24, 1:00pm Atlantic time

#2 - Using the Circle of Health to Develop Partnerships
Thursday, November 7, 1:00pm Atlantic time

#3 - Using the Circle of Health as an Educational Tool
Thursday, November 14, 1:00pm Atlantic time

#4 - Facilitating with the Circle of Health: Self-assessment
Thursday, November 21, 1:00pm Atlantic time

#5 - Using the Circle of Health for Comprehensive Planning
Thursday, November 28, 1:00pm Atlantic time

It is recommended that participants familiarize themselves with the Circle of Health prior to the workshops by visiting the Circle website at and watching the introductory video on YouTube:

Comments from previous workshop attendees:

[I enjoyed] '' professional it was! The combination of phone and web was excellent!''

[I liked that it was] ''...less lecture like and more discussion and conversation. Efforts made to get feedback from the participants as well as give examples. Also, although it was not face to face, there was effort made to bring it to 'life', to keep a real connection going.''

[I appreciated the facilitator's] '' of experience and attentiveness to our specific needs. I enjoyed participating with my team.''

[I enjoyed] ''...the ease of access and the ability to connect to the experts. It's great to also have the ability for the whole team to attend to ensure that we are all understanding and hearing the same information.''

''Excellent framework. Organized, helpful sessions. Accessible due to webinar format. Complemented with comprehensive well-formatted materials. Personalized.''

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