February 2014

The Art of Opening the Conversation - BC & ON

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The impact of income inequalities on the health and social wellbeing of Canadians has been a topic of much discussion in recent national news. In response to this, upcoming workshops offered by The Quaich will focus on how to engage others in strategies to reduce health and social inequities in communities and across sectors.

The workshops will be held this spring:

April 10-11: Canadian Memorial Centre for Peace, Vancouver, BC
April 14-15: Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health, Ottawa, ON

The Art of Opening the Conversation: Finding Common Ground to Improve Health & Social Inequities is a two-day facilitator training workshop. The workshop appeals to those working to promote community and population health, and health equity. It is open to anyone interested in facilitating others in community development, health promotion, and educational experiences.

The workshop recognizes the necessity of intersectoral collaboration in creating a healthy society, where everyone has equal access to the conditions and opportunities to achieve and maintain optimal health. The main framework used in the workshop is the Circle of Health, a colorful, dynamic framework that prompts thinking about the many dimensions of health. Facilitators, researchers and educators around the world use the Circle of Health to engage diverse populations and address complex situations across sectors.  The Circle of Health integrates concepts of health and wellness from the Ottawa Charter and the Aboriginal Medicine Wheel with elements required for planning: Needs, Strategies, Populations, Determinants and Values.  It addresses the interactions among these elements to create an understanding of health promotion as a dynamic process that involves many people and strategies. 

Individuals seeking to enhance their facilitation skills to work in communities, organizations, and educational settings are invited to take part in this workshop. Participants will learn, reflect on, and apply transformative skills to issues that are relevant to their community and workplace.

Leading the workshop are Julie Devon Dodd and Patsy Beattie-Huggan, two facilitators who were instrumental in the creation of the Circle of Health. They bring their diverse experience with the Circle of Health to their teaching and facilitation, creating an open and inviting atmosphere of learning and knowledge exchange.

Click here for more information, and to register for a workshop.

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