October 2014

Circle of Health 5-part online workshop series

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Looking for a continuing education opportunity where travel is not a barrier? Join our five-week online workshop series to see how the Circle of Health can help to meet your needs and expand your knowledge!  Workshops will be held weekly from November 6th to November 25th, 2014.


This is a 5-part online workshop series to develop skills in using the Circle of Health. The workshops will be presented through an online conferencing system, with an online presentation and web teleconference.

#1 - Understanding the Circle of Health: Components and Theories • Thursday, November 6, 1:00pm Atlantic time
#2 - Using the Circle of Health to Develop Partnerships • Thursday, November 13, 1:00pm Atlantic time
#3 - Using the Circle of Health for Comprehensive Planning • Tuesday, November 18, 1:00pm Atlantic time
#4 - Using the Circle of Health as an Educational Tool • Thursday, November 20, 1:00pm Atlantic time
#5 - Facilitating with the Circle of Health: Self-assessment • Tuesday, November 25, 1:00pm AT

Registration for each online workshop is $65 per person; Registration for the workshop series is $300. For information on the series please refer to the description on the Workshops page


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Registration for the series is capped at 20 participants and will close on October 31th to allow time for Circle of Health kits to be shipped to participants. Participants can register for subsequent individual workshops up to a week before the date of the workshop.

* PLEASE NOTE: 'Understanding the Circle of Health' is a pre-requisite for the other Circle of Health workshops. If you feel that you have completed equivalent training and would like to participate in an intermediate workshop without completing Understanding the Circle of Health, please contact the facilitators at info@thequaich.pe.ca

''This type of training is excellent for it saves time in travel. You are able to access it at your desk with tools we already have such as the computer and telephone. It is very interactive and it has the feel of a face to face classroom where you can raise your hand and also ask questions and receive answers in a timely manner.”

Patsy Beattie-Huggan holds a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of New Brunswick and an MSc in Nursing and Health Studies from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She has a broad background in the health sector as an instructor and administrator in nursing education and as Director of Community Development for the PEI Health and Community Services System during health reform of the ‘90s. During that time Patsy played a key in facilitating the development of the Circle of Health. She is currently principal of The Quaich Inc., a consulting company located in Charlottetown, which has developed expertise in using the Circle of Health and develops and markets other health promotion knowledge translation products.

If notice of cancellation is given within 48 hours of the workshop, your registration fee will be credited towards a future workshop of your choice. Sorry, no refunds. Contact us at 1-800-898-1066 or info@thequaich.pe.ca

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