September 2009

From Theory to Practice - Pilot Webinar Series

This pilot Webinar Series is adapted from one of the three Learning Pathways of the Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy & Safe Communities (ASI) – Foundation, Application, Specialization. This Application Pathway builds on the knowledge for Working Together presented in the Foundations Path including the Circle of Health Framework. The goal of the Atlantic webinar series is to build capacity in applying the planning cycle


• Adopt holistic, intersectoral and inclusive approaches to literacy
• Know the planning process and have skills for short and long-term planning
• Build in contributions of community members, practitioners, researchers and decision makers
• Locate the links among sectors and factors for healthy and safe communities
• Recognize and value different types and styles of leadership and participation

October 15 Webinar 1 – Establishing the Team
October 22 Webinar 2 – Defining the Issue
October 29 Webinar 3 – Planning for Change
November 12 Webinar 4 – Implementing and Evaluating the Plan

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the series you will have increased:
• Skills in applying a planning model across sectors
• Resources for planning across sectors, and
• Understanding of literacy as a resource for healthy and safe communities

November 26 Evaluation Webinar

Certificate of Participation
A certificate of participation will be awarded to those who complete the Four Webinars in the Application Pathway. This prepares you for entry to the Specialization Pathways at the ASI.


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