April 2015

Process Mapping for the PEI Government

The Quaich facilitated a Process Mapping and Analysis workshop in Charlottetown on April 23 and 24 with over 50 employees of the PEI Department of Environment, Labour and Justice and the PEI Department of Agriculture and Forestry. The purpose of the workshop was to map current system processes (from the public interface with the system through to the system’s response), in order to identify gaps and duplication and improve response. These two departments have joint and compatible responsibility for the oversight for many provincial statutes and there is an overlap between three areas of jurisdiction: conservation; protecting the environment; and ensuring safe agricultural practices. This work builds on The Quaich’s previous experience in redesigning health services.
The workshop addressed questions such as:

As a result of mapping their current processes for receiving and responding to the public and industry, recommendations were made for system adjustments. Senior management has committed to reviewing the results on May 19th and providing follow-up to the workshop. Evaluations from participants were positive and as a result of the workshop, there is anecdotal evidence that there is already increased collaboration between the departments.

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