Countries of the former Yugoslavia came out of communism and the Balkan wars in need of rebuilding health and social supports.  The Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) worked with local leaders in the Balkans to build public health infrastructure between 1992 and 2010.In partnership with CPHA on the CIDA-funded project Strengthening Balkans Civil Society’s Voice for Public Health through Public Health Associations (2005–2009), the Public Health Association of Serbia (PHAS), founded in 2004, sought to engage stakeholders in the “new public health”.  Resources were needed.


Members of the PHAS were introduced to the Circle of Health© during the 2008 CPHA conference and it resonated with them. The Circle of Health© was translated into Serbian and Patsy worked with others to design and deliver training at the 2009 health promotion summer school held in Divcibare, Serbia – the theme The Circle of Health©: Understanding the Determinants of Health. In 2011, The Quaich signed a 3 year agreement with PHAS for use of the Serbian Circle of Health©.