In 1999, the four Atlantic Canadian provinces collaborated to create breast cancer information kits which would be distributed to all women diagnosed with breast cancer. The Quaich Inc. was hired to evaluate the kits. This evaluation report summarizes the scope, methodology, and findings of the evaluation; describes the impact of the kits and success in meeting program objectives; and provides valuable insights into the experiences of women diagnosed with breast cancer. It also makes recommendations for improvement and sustainability, and puts forward the evidence necessary to improve the programs in each province. A common template, used to guide the writing of the provincial reports, enabled the provincial reports to serve as four case studies, thereby providing an overview for the Atlantic Region. This allows the various programs to learn from each other in the transfer of best practices – knowledge that could assist the development and implementation of continual monitoring features and sustainability measures.

The knowledge gained from the evaluation has contributed to the development of an integrated system of information and supports across the continuum of care to meet the breast and gynecological health needs of women in the Atlantic Region, and stimulated further research into the impacts of information on health status and quality of life.